Savour Food e-Training Certificate

Every business has the power to change how they deal with waste and, in doing so, to make a HUGE improvement on our carbon footprint and help Ireland achieve the climate targets that are so important for us all.

In order to do this, everybody involved in foodservice businesses needs to be actively involved. By participating in this e-Training Certificate, you will be provided with the information and actions to make significant reductions in food waste.

The e-Training course is broken into different sections including:

  • Information on the issue of food waste,
  • Waste and food waste management best practices,
  • The importance of food waste measurement,
  • Taking action,
  • And keeping up that momentum for lasting change.

This course will take approximately 30 minutes to complete

Interested in doing more?

Many businesses would like to address the food waste issue but at times struggle to just get started. If you need advice or guidance, or would like to let us know about some of the great things that are happening in this area, please get in touch.