Pat Ferriter

February 2019

I came across Savour Food and went to one of the meetings. We’re always trying to cut down on our food waste here wherever we can because of food costs being one thing and we don’t like; nobody likes to be wasting food and there’s a food shortage around the world.

So basically, we’ve worked with Savour Food and we examined how much food we were wasting with regards to vege, meat, fish, sauces, everything, and it turned out that we were pretty good. We weren’t wasting a whole lot but there’s always room for improvement. We found out where our problem areas were and what we could do to help reduce that so for the past few weeks we’ve been consciously recycling more, putting all food into brown bins, and doing everything we can to cut down our footprint.

The food going into black bins has gone way down and now we’re a lot more conscious of what is being wasted. You can see it, you can measure it, you can calculate the cost of it so, overall, it’s been great for us when we can put a cost on how much we’d be wasting.

I just think people don’t realise what they’d be wasting, and the value of it. It’s quite high when you calculate it out so with Savour Food helping us do that, we’ve got a better understanding of the business really.